SECTION J: Students

Section I of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on the instructional program: basic curricular subjects; special programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.

Policy Procedure Exhibit Description Adopted/Reviewed
JA Students Goals 07/11/16
JB Equal Education Opportunities 07/11/16
JC School Attendance Area 07/11/16
JE Student Attendance 05/23/16
JECB Admission of Non-Resident Students 05/23/16
JECBA Admission of Foreign Students n/a
JECC JECC-P Admission and Assignment of Students to Schools 07/11/16
JECF Immunization Requirements 03/25/19
JED JED-P Student Absences and Excuses/Truancy 07/11/16
JEDB Student Dismissal Precautions 05/23/16
JF Student Rights and Responsibilities 07/11/16
JFA Student Due Process Rights 07/11/16
JFB Education for Homeless Children 05/23/16
JFC Student Conduct n/a
JFCCAA Student Internet Copyright 05/23/16
JFCHA JFCHA-P Student Chemical Use and/or Abuse 06/10/19
JFCK  JFCK-E Acceptable Use – Student 02/26/18
JFG Student Interviews and Searches 05/23/16
JFH Student Complaints and Grievances 05/23/16
JGA Corporal Punishment 06/13/00
JGB Restraint and Seclusion 04/08/19
JGC Student Bullying 01/28/19



Suspension and Expulsion n/a
JHA Student Insurance Program 05/23/16
JHCC JHCC-P Communicable Diseases 05/23/16


Administering Medicines to Students 05/23/16
JHCDB Stock Epinephrine Auto Injectors 05/23/16
JHDA JHDA-P Suicide Prevention and Intervention
JHFA Supervision of Students 07/11/16
JHG JHG-E Child Abuse 05/23/16
JN Student Fees, Fine, and Charges 07/11/16
JNA Loaning of Textbooks 07/11/16
JO JO-P Student Records 05/23/16
JOA Student Recruitment Access to Students and Directory Information 07/11/16