What We Do
We provide our schools with high quality, reliable technology components and infrastructure that support and facilitate student achievement. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, innovative and cost-effective solutions, and exceeding our customers' expectations.

Our Vision

To provide a technology-rich environment which anticipates the educational needs of students and prepares them to be lifelong learners, skilled at using technology within their education and chosen avocation.

Our Values

Customer Service

We are committed to providing high quality, professional, and reliable service to the staff and students of Rapid City Area Schools.


We measure feedback, collect customer comments, and review outage reports to continually improve our service. Training for the department is an important driver of technical excellence and quality results.


Investments in research and development insure that the department provides solutions that work best for our customers in an environment that is efficient and cost-effective for the district.

Our Standards of Practice

We strive to provide the highest caliber technology service by:

  • Stopping first at a building’s office to let the administrators know we are in their building.
  • Wearing ID badges when in a school building.
  • Leaving a courtesy note when servicing a computer and the customer is not present.
  • Making contact with staff members prior to reimaging their computers.
  • Modeling professional conduct in all interactions with our customers.
  • Communicating with administrators about technical issues that affect their buildings.
  • Consistently using defined, documented standards in completing tasks.
  • Identifying and treating the root cause of all issues.
  • Performing invasive tasks outside of school hours.
  • Providing timely responses to requests for service.
  • Protecting the privacy and confidential data of our customers.
  • Creatively solving problems using programmatic and technical solutions.
  • Letting our customers know when we fix their problems and if possible, what caused the issue.
  • Making the RCAS IT Department the ‘provider of choice’ for technology service and support.
Shane Daniel
Director of Information Technology