Chief Financial and Operations Officer

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Coy Sasse

Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Phone: (605)-791-5834





The intent of this video series is to inform stakeholders about the basic mechanics of school finance. It will also dive deeper into other topics that impact the district and its stakeholders, in a convenient and effective manner. This series is designed to be viewed numerically and videos will be shared in a regularly. If you have ideas of topics to be covered, please send them my way (!

1. School Finance 101

2. State Aide and Teacher Accountability

3. Negotiations Update for Fiscal Year 2025

More to come!


The Chief Financial and Operations Officer (CFOO) oversees the below departments. Click on each department for more info.

See below for department leadership and contact information.

Jon Lundgren
Buildings & Grounds Manager
Joseph Magbuhat
Warehouse and Printshop Manager
Jade Clement
Construction and Planning Manager
Krista Leischner
Student Nutrition Manager
James Steen
Student Transportation Manager