What We Do
Special Services provides a full continuum of services for Rapid City’s more than 14,000 students. We oversee the district’s special education programs, which serve students ages birth through 21 who qualify for special education. We also provide health services including health education, nursing services and ensuring the environmental safety of our facilities.​​  See our website links for additional information on our many programs to support your children and youth with special needs.

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“For more information about special education, please visit the SD DOE site by clicking here.”


Dr. Lisa Hafer
Director of Special Services
Todd Christensen
Special Education Program Manager
Special Services Contacts
Name Title Email
Diane Donnell Secretary Level 5 Email Diane
Jane Scherr Secretary Level 5 Email Jane
Donna Mitchell Secretary Level 4 Email Donna
Cahra Hartness Secretary Level 3 Email Cahra
Kristie Taylor Secretary Level 3 Email Kristie
Jeanne Flack Secretary Level 2 Email Jeanne
Lisa Swanson Secretary Level 2 Email Lisa