What We Do
Rapid City Area School District provides a birth to three program that is designed to contribute to the success of children with developmental delays. The Birth to Three early intervention program serves children with developmental delays or disabilities, from birth to 36 months, and their families.

Infants and young children are learning about their environment and developing skills in many areas at the same time. Every child is unique and differences in their rate of development can be expected. However, there are some guidelines to help parents and professionals to determine how a child compares with most children their age. The Rapid City Area Schools Early Development Network provides early intervention services for families with children birth to age three with developmental delays and/or health care needs and connects families to needed services. Rapid City Area Schools also provides preschool services for eligible children between the ages of three and five. If you suspect your child has a developmental delay or you just have questions concerning your child’s development, please call the Office of Special Services ManagerĀ at 605-394-1813, to make a referral or be put in contact with our many early intervention and preschool staff.


South Dakota Department of Education Birth To Three Developmental Checklist

South Dakota Birth To Three

South Dakota Statewide Family Engagement Center



Dr. Keyra Comer
Special Services Program Manager
Birth To Three
Birth To Three Contacts
Name Title Email
Chloe Brandsrud Special Education Early Child Email Chloe
Linda Schacher Occupational Therapist Email Linda
Susan Kelly Speech/Language Pathologist Email Susan
Erika Graslie Physical Therapist Email Erika