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Title VI Indian Education Grant Goals for Rapid City Area Schools – 2020-2021:

Objective 1: Increase knowledge of cultural identity and awareness

Objective 2: Increase Native American Language Instruction programs

Objective 3: Increase at-risk student support

Title VI Indian Education Grant Goals



The Indian Education program provides supportive services to American Indian students attending Rapid City Area Schools and empowers district educators to systemically integrate Oceti Sakowin culture, history, and identity within our district.  Our goal is to connect students with their Native history, cultures, and traditions, instilling cultural pride and confidence to achieve academic standards and graduation. Programming that is supported includes:

  • Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings (OSEUs) standard aligned lessons into instructional curriculum – elementary, middle, & high school
  • Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings (OSEUs) Lesson Plan Database for Teachers and Professional Development on using OSEUs within the academic instruction
    • Lesson Plan Database awarded Exlempar and used as an example for WoLakota Project & SD Department of Education
  • Staff Professional Development on Oceti Sakowin culture, history, and cultural sensitivity: Wayne Weston, Carla Douglas, Ethleen Two Dogs, Kyal & Kansas Middletent, and more!
  • Back to School Event – Backpacks and School Supplies available for students
  • Social Work Services –  culturally responsive social and emotional support for students and resources for families with mental health, cultural, suicide prevention, and crisis needs
  • Lakota Language Instructional Pathway – 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school offer Lakota Language
  • Credit-Bearing Cultural Classes at Juvenile Services & Wellfully for Alternative Education
  • Family and cultural events such as:
    • Feathering Ceremony for graduating American Indian students
    • Lakota Language Consortium- Language Weekend (free & virtual)
    • Black Hills Powwow Youth Day Event
    • Suicide Prevention Ceremony
    • Celebration of Native American Heritage Month – district-wide (both during and after school events)
    • E-Learning Friday Cultural Activities – Ledger Art, Storytelling, Lakota Language Lessons, and more!
    • A variety of Native speakers & culture bearers such as Kevin Locke, Starr Chief Eagle, Wayne Weston, Gene Tyon, Cinnamon Spear, and more!