SECTION E: Support Services

Section E of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on business management such as safety, building and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food services.

Policy Procedure Exhibit Description Reviewed/Revised
EA Support Services Goal 09/28/15
EB Safety Programs 09/28/15
EBBA EBBA-P First Aid/Physician Prescribed Services 06/13/16
EBBB EBBB-P EBBB-E Accident Reports 09/28/15
EBBC EBBC-P EBBC-E Indoor Air Quality 12/14/15
EBC Emergency Plans 12/14/15
EBCA EBCA-P Disaster Plans 12/14/15
EBCB Fire Drills 12/14/15
EBCC EBCC-P Bomb Threats 12/14/15
EBCD Emergency Lockdowns 12/14/15


Emergency Closings 09/21/21
EBCEA Emergency Evacuation Plan for Handicapped Students 09/28/15
EC Buildings and Grounds Management 09/28/15
ECA Buildings and Grounds Security 09/28/15
ECAB ECAB-P ECAB-E Access to Buildings 09/28/15
ECAC Vandalism 12/14/15
ECAF RCAS Electronic Surveillance Policy 06/16/15
ECB Buildings and Grounds Maintenance 09/28/15
ECE Traffic and Parking Controls 09/28/15
ECF ECF-P ECF-E Energy Conservation 12/14/15
ED Material Resources Management 09/28/15
EDA Receiving and Warehousing 09/28/15
EDB EDB-P Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials 09/28/15
EDCA Authorized Use of School Owned Materials (Non-Sectarian Textbooks) 05/23/16
EEA EEA-E Student Transportation Services 04/25/16
EEAAA Student Transportation Services – Eligible Students 04/25/16
EEABA Parent Busing Information 04/25/16
EEAC School Bus Safety Program 04/25/16
EEAD Special Use of School Buses 06/13/16
EEAEA Bus Driver Examination and Training 04/25/16
EEAEAA Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers 04/25/16
EEAEC Student Conduct on School Buses 04/25/16


Use of Private Vehicles 04/25/16
EF Food Services Management 12/14/15
EFBA Wellness Policy 09/28/20
EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Services 12/14/15
EFE Vending Machines 12/14/15
EGAB Mail and Delivery Services 09/28/15
EGAD  EGAD-P Copyright Compliance 06/27/16
EH EH-P Service Animals at School 12/19/23
EI Insurance Management 06/27/16