We’re committed to building tomorrow’s community through education, communication, appreciation, and celebration! With amazing students, exceptional teachers, and staff, we’re building a brighter tomorrow. On this page, you will learn more about the initiatives we’re working on. Also, you will see a summary of recent comments we’ve received from the community. We invite you to share your feedback. Each comment is reviewed. As a volunteer, part-time board, we lean on district personnel to help keep up with all of your comments. Lastly, the board also writes articles on various timely topics below.


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Meeting Schedule

Our board typically meets twice each month on the first and third Tuesday each month at 7:00 p.m. in the board room at the district office. The meetings are open, and the community is invited to attend. If it’s more convenient, the meetings are also streamed online, and you can visit the agenda for each meeting to find a link to the video stream.

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Key Initiatives

Learning Loss/Education Gap

The effective education of every student in the Rapid City Area Schools is vitally important to the Board of Education. In face it is our number one priority. For too long, the gap between the district's highest achieving students and its lowest has been unacceptably large. And recent data has revealed that high school graduation rates are unacceptably low. We endeavor to look at the root causes and develop strategies to improve these trends.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Teachers are the backbone and foundation of any successful school district. The nationwide decline in the teaching profession has caused the Board of Education to take a look at teacher recruitment and retention. The Board of Education's goal is that Rapid City Area Schools be the employer of choice for teachers in the area.


Every student in our district, and every staff member deserves safe, comfortable buildings that are conducive to learning. While many of our buildings serve their purpose adequately, several do not. Just like we last did in 1973, the district needs to ask the community for a bond to address our largest facility needs that cannot be paid for with our annual budget.

Celebrating Success

Our work in education makes a difference in the lives of many each and every day. Together we support students and staff to make each day the best it can be.

IMG 0581

NFHS Outstanding Theatre Educator – Joey Lore, Central High School

IMG 0579

SDFCA Unsung Coach of the Year Award – Brandon Colpitts, Central High School

IMG 0575

Directors Who Make A Difference – Lyn Alberty, West Middle School