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The Department of Federal Programs coordinates and manages resources which supplement quality instructional practices that positively impact student achievement. Our team works to take down barriers that may restrict students from achieving and being engaged learners.

Federal Programs

The Department of Federal Programs at Rapid City Area Schools is committed to creating safe and inclusive environments where all students, families, and staff feel welcomed and celebrated for who they are.  We recognize that diversity within our community and schools has changed throughout the years and the Rapid City area has even greater racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, and economic diversity projected to come.  Within our department, we strive to continue to provide services so that all of our students can succeed without barriers to their education.


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Whole Child Initiative – Cultural Proficiency, Restorative Justice, Trauma-Informed Practices, & Suicide Prevention

Federal Programs – McKinney Vento Homeless/Migrant Students, Title I Schools, School Improvement, Alternate Education programs at JSC, Wellfully, Arise & Children’s Home, GED program, and more.

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South Dakota Report Card

The South Dakota State Test of Educational Progress (Dakota STEP) measures students’ master of the South Dakota State Academic Standards.  The Report Card represents the scores of students who were continuously enrolled in a single district from Oct. 1 to the last day of the testing window.  The Assessment Report represents the scores of all students in a district or school – not just those who completed the full academic year.

Jacqueline Maxon-Talley
Director of Federal Programs
Federal Programs Contacts
Name Title Email
Nicole Swigart Superintendent/CEO Email Nicole
Sarah Zimmerman Social & Emotional Education Coordinator Email Sarah
Tracy Somerset Administrative Assistant Email Tracy
Jamie Tullo Administrative Assistant Email Jamie