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The Student Transportation Center safely buses approximately 2500 kindergarten thru 8th grade students daily in addition to approximately 300 Special Needs students. We have 65 buses that travel 575,000 miles annually. Our school district encompasses 416 square miles that we safely transport students to daily.

Click on the link below to find your child’s school attendance area and busing eligibility for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year :

Attendance and Busing Eligibility Search 2024-2025


K-8th grade students residing more than 2.5 miles from their assigned school or in a designated area are eligible for bus service. Please click on the link below to complete a request for bus services for your student.

Request for Student Busing Form



Policies related to student transportation are located here in Sections EEA through EEACC


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Rapid City Area Schools Transportation Department is now using Stopfinder to view and share transportation schedules.  Access to student schedules is granted only to the student’s designated contacts by the Transportation Department. The Stopfinder contacts, at their discretion, may share their student’s schedule with caregivers (sub-subscribers).  An invitation can be sent to activate your Stopfinder account via email from no-reply@stopfinder.com.

The app will also allow you to send private messages to the transportation department, receive push notifications and updates relating to transportation, and send real-time vehicle location notifications based on GeoAlert regions you create for your student.  Please watch this video to learn more about Stopfinder features:
Stopfinder GeoAlerts video by Transfinder

If you have not received an email invitation to register for Stopfinder or if you have any questions regarding your student’s schedule, please contact the transportation department at 605-355-3707 or by email at RCASTransportation@k12.sd.us

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