Open Enrollment Requests

The 1997 South Dakota Legislature established for students enrolled in grades KG-12 an “enrollment options” program, commonly referred to as open enrollment. The law, which can be found at SDCL 13-28-40 through 13-28-47, requires the Department of Education to provide application forms for open enrollment to local schools.

Under the Open Enrollment law, the Rapid City Area Schools accepts students who are legal residents of another South Dakota district provided they can do so without adversely affecting the quality of the educational program. Approval is subject to program and/or space availability. Contact the Rapid City Area Schools Educational Services Office at 394-5147 about open enrollment.

State Open Enrollment Request Form

Personal Transfers Requests

Personal Transfer requests allow residents of the Rapid City Area School District to transfer their children to another school within the district. Applications must be filed with the Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services, 300 6th Street. Applications will be reviewed in the order received. Approval is subject to program and/or space availability.

Student Assignment Requests

RCAS Student Assignment Request Form