1. The consequences for misbehavior described in the discipline matrix are for misbehavior resulting in a referral to the principal’s office. Consequences are designed to be fair, firm and consistent for all students in the Rapid City Schools. They apply to all students in any school or other district buildings, on district property, in district vehicles or school buses, and at school or district events. Consequences listed are minimums. The building administrator has the latitude to modify penalties. Additionally, the administrator will have the authority to enforce other reasonable disciplinary action found warranted by the situation. The infractions and consequences may be modified or disregarded if circumstances require mitigation or exception (e.g. a disabled student whose misbehavior is related to his or her disability.) Notes and facts regarding violations and consequences will be recorded.
  2. Because it is not possible to list every misbehavior that occurs, the administration and staff reserve the right to respond to misbehaviors not included in this regulation. This regulation is based on the assumption that misbehaviors are dealt with by bus drivers, chaperones, classroom teachers, counselors, administrators, and other appropriate district staff.
  3. Progressive discipline will be used in conjunction with existing district policy. Complete copies of the district suspension and expulsion Policy JFC are available from all principals’ offices.
  4. Actions which may be used by district staff to discipline students and/or encourage them to modify their behavior include but are not limited to: student conference, parent or guardian conference, fine, restitution, detention, removal from class, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, exclusion, expulsion, referral to law enforcement authorities, and recommendation to alternative services.
  5. Each building may develop a handbook with rules and regulations specific to their unique needs. A copy of school rules will be provided to students/parents.