VOlunteer of the month

The Helpline Center and Volunteer Connections of the Black Hills sponsors two volunteer recognition programs. 

Volunteer of the Month

The Volunteer of the Month is an area-wide award program presented by the Helpline Center.  The Volunteer of the Month Award is given to an individual, or a group of individuals, who exhibit an outstanding commitment to volunteer service.  The nomination cycle for these awards are annually between April – June.

Spirit of Volunteerism Awards

An event Is held that focuses on appreciating the exemplary efforts of volunteers in the local Black Hills area.  All nominated honorees are recognized at this community event.   Nominations are usually open between January – March of each year.


Volunteer acknowledgement

Student Volunteer of the Semester

We know that young people are doing great things in our community, and we are excited to recognize a student volunteer of the semester at Central, Stevens, and Rapid City Alternative Academy each fall and spring.  Students, teachers, and RCAS staff can nominate the student volunteers.  Please reach out to Kristin Kiner at Kristin.kiner@k12.sd.us for more information.


InnerViewInnerView logo

Community leaders. committed socially responsible businesses, and national organizations are interested in recognizing, endorsing, and elevating the individuals and groups who have chosen to invest time and talent in the causes they care about.  The National Community Service Awards is the platform created for this recognition and Innerview is the database used to track student service.

Students registered with InnerView are automatically eligible to receive one of three levels of service awards available based on their total amount of service hours tracked.  These awards have a special emphasis to connect personal service with progress toward the Global Goals.  All community service activities between June 1st and April 15th can be counted towards the annual service awards.  These activities could include but are not limited to volunteering, tutoring, fundraising, running collection drives, organizing cleanups, or donating blood.  More information about these awards can be found here.