What is HOSA?
South Dakota HOSA was established in 2012 in response to the great need for future health professionals in our state. The goals are to expand and nurture students’ awareness of all the healthcare careers available to them while molding them into South Dakota’s future health professionals and offer students opportunities to expand their understanding, create projects, and demonstrate skills through HOSA’s Competitive Events Program.

How can students see what you are doing?
Visit us at Facebook Rapid City HOSA, Instagram @rcsdhosa, State Website, National Website

How can a student get involved?
Attend the meetings and pay $30 dues. Participate in healthcare events at the state leadership conference.

When do you meet?
Contact Advisors.

Advisor Name and Contact:
Heather Linde: Heather.Linde@k12.sd.us, 605 394-4001 ext. 503
Simonne Johnson: Simonne.Johnson@k12.sd.us, 605 394-4001 ext. 501