The Rapid City Area School District and its business and community partners have jointly developed and adopted the RCAS Profile of a Graduate which embraces the academic knowledge, skills, and attributes needed for a student to make a successful transition to college, career, and life responsibilities.


With the RCAS Profile of a Graduate, educators can begin to review curriculum and actively create learning experiences that introduce and reinforce the competencies identified in the Profile of a Graduate.


Community partners can use the Profile of a Graduate as a reference point for reinforcing community expectations for work and personal character.


College Ready

Career Ready

Life Ready

College Ready1

Career Ready1

Life Ready1

Meet standardized testing benchmarks


Develop a college, career, and life readiness plan


Participate in a work-based or service-learning capstone experience


Earn college credit, an industry certificate, or both

Collaborate and communicate effectively and respectfully


Demonstrate innovation and creativity


Analyze problems by exercising critical thinking skills


Deliver clear and concise ideas through verbal and written communication


Possess the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to navigate a career search, advancement, and transitions

Embody and practice civic engagement and global citizenship


Manage and balance time, resources, and responsibilities


Demonstrate adaptability and tenacity in pursuing personal goals


Build and maintain positive relationships



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