Board of Education Wrap Up April 16, 2024

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The negotiating teams concluded 2024-2025 negotiations that primarily focused on recruitment and retention of staff. The Board approved the results of negotiations for RCEA (Teachers), ASBU, and Classified Staff, which included wage increases for all current employees and increased starting wages for new employees! A short summary of the contract changes are found below:

Contracts and Agreements – Admin Tech

Contracts and Agreements – Classified

Contracts and Agreements – Teachers

The District and Paraeducator (RCEA) team were unable to reach consensus on an agreement during negotiations. The Paraeducator group voted not to accept the District’s Last Best Offer and as a result, the District declared impasse. The terms of the Last Best Offer will be on the Board’s agenda for approval on May 7, 2024. If approved by the Board, the Last Best Offer will go into effect on July 1, 2024, like all other groups.

For detailed information about negotiations, please watch CFOO, Coy Sasse’s presentation in the YouTube video by CLICKING HERE. His presentation starts at 51:04. A detailed discussion on the District’s Last Best Offer for paraeducators begins at 1:18:51.





Sharing the Success 8:17

Student Representative Reports 12:10

Persons Wishing to Address the BOE 17:40

Assistant Superintendent Report-Cory Strasser 26:30

CFOO Report-Coy Sasse 51:04

Approval of Proposed Agreements 2:08:48

Approval of Consent Agenda 2:17:41

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Board Committee Reports 2:20:02