Community donates time and fabric to fill need for masks

RCAS put out the call for masks and our community responded in a big way! In a matter of weeks, RCAS parents, grandparents, and caring community members were able to produce thousands of masks for our students. Just last week, this incredible group of women from Saint Martin’s Village came together to present the schools with more than 400 homemade masks!


Stevens High School parent Kara Flynn organized the effort to produce hundreds of mask bell covers for instruments and masks for singers so students could continue to participate in band and choir.


At least once a week, RCAS receives a bag or two of masks from caring individuals who simply want to help. Finally, thank you to our partners at Western Dakota Tech. They have handled the coordination of handing out mask kits to volunteers who want to lend a helping hand.


THANK YOU! Your generosity means so much to so many! Your kindness has made a difference!


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Helen Keller