North Middle School takes part in “Great Kindness Challenge”

Happy Gram 1

As part of the Great Kindness Challenge during the week of January 28th, North Middle School students and staff created cards for those experiencing kindness and were able to purchase Happy-Grams. The card campaign was the idea of 8th grade student, Ali Wilson. Wilson is part of the school’s PBIS team that promotes positive behavior. The cards will be delivered to various local organizations. Wilson hopes the happiness cards, provide encouragement, and lift spirits. Each of the cards were designed by Wilson. During homeroom, students were able to color the cards and write encouraging messages.


In addition, students and staff celebrated kindness week by purchasing Happy-Grams for one another. The Happy-Grams included a kind note and a gourmet sucker. PBIS student members then delivered the Happy-Grams during homerooms. All the proceeds will fund PBIS efforts to reinforce positive behavior. Student Success Facilitator and PBIS Leader Brandi Christoffer was excited by the success of the Happy-Grams. She said the team prepared to sell 120 Happy Grams. However, the Happy-Grams were sold out by Thursday and Christoffer needed to purchase more suckers.


North Middle School is proud of the compassion their students showed during the Great Kindness Challenge.