RCAS teacher and counselor go above and beyond with professional certification

Congratulations to South Park teacher Amy Berke and Stevens High School Counselor Melissa Good. Both have earned national certifications in 2018, demonstrating advanced knowledge and skill in their professions.


Teachers achieve National Board Certification through a rigorous, performance-based, peer-reviewed assessment of a teacher’s pedagogical (teaching) skills and content knowledge. The certification process takes one to three years to complete. While licensing standards set the basic requirements to teach in a state, National Board Certified teachers demonstrate advanced teaching knowledge, skills and practices similar to the certifications earned by experts in law and medicine.


The National Certified School Counselor certification recognizes counselors who demonstrate specialized knowledge and skills in school counseling. This certification shows that one has met national standards of practice, including additional education, experience and a specialty exam.


South Dakota teachers who earn National Board Certification receive $2,000 per year for five years, with $1,000 paid by the South Dakota Department of Education and $1,000 paid by the teacher’s school district. The department will also reimburse fees personally paid by teachers and school counselors, upon their achievement of national certification. As long as funds are available, the department will also pay National Certified School Counselors $1,000 annually for five years.


Melissa Good


Amy Berke