CHS special education students get on-the-job experience

Sierra Robb and her classmates are getting on-the-job experience at the Quality Inn Hotel. Each week, a group of special education students from Central High School spend three mornings at the hotel. They help clean the pool area, collect garbage, clean bathrooms, fold laundry, and other duties as needed.

“Having our students go out to the Quality Inn gives them a real-life opportunity to practice and learn job skills.  They are in a safe environment where they can make mistakes but are still held accountable to complete the task.”

It’s Roskos older students who are given the opportunity to participate in the work-based learning experience. “They are the closest to graduation and need to build employability skills,” Roskos said.

Quality Inn Manager Michelle Aufdengarten says it is a win-win for both the hotel and the students. “We love having these guys around,” she said. “They work so hard,” she continued.

For Sierra, helping at the Quality Inn is the best part of her school day. “It’s really fun,” Sierra said.

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