Elementary students participate in All-City Music Memory Contest

The 21st Annual All-City Music Memory Contest took place Saturday, April 21 at Stevens High School. The contest, involving 150 students, was the culmination of a year-long study of great composers, their music and their lives.


Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 have been listening to 10 compositions throughout the school year in all Rapid City Elementary Schools. After classroom and school tests, the 5-member teams from 3/4th grade level and 5th grade level were selected. “The event was an exceptional experience and challenge for the students because excerpts from the compositions were played live by members of the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra,” music teacher Kendra Iversen said. The vocal selections were sung by area vocalists including: Andrea Fischer, Karen Kierstead, Deb Martin, Carmen Rosendahl, Joseph Weseloh, Clayton Southwick, Paul Robinson, and Brady Ketelsen


This year’s winners are:

-Jaron Short Bull and Kaymahni Big Eagle from General Beadle

-Tailyn Trescott, Elsie Smith, and Tara Renner from Black Hawk

-Amy Agate, Bode Fromm, Chris Giesey, Triston Ducheneaux, Riley Hadorn, Emi Jolley, Marlena Little, Mason McGregor from Grandview

-Maryn Berendse, Josie-Ann Tarin, and Cerissa Hein from Horace Mann

-Owen Simon, Ian Simon, and Kieran Fuhrmann from Knollwood

-Kamryn Stauffacher, Kyra Perkins, and Pamela Jimenez from Canyon Lake

-Kolton Bounting, Raelyn Hlavka, Anna Randle, Jaydon Routt, Braelyn Vlietstra, Summer Marnette, Noaa Ivey, Kyra Kelderman, Kaylie Tupper, Bishop Janis from Robbinsdale

-Jaxon Janke, Micah Brown, Jaeden Richer, Brett Novotny, Gabby Bisnett, Zane Voller, John Doran, Anna Cheney, Tyler Woosley from Pinedale

-Tiger Duinkherjav, Easton Graff, Brennan Huffman, Raymond Placek, Grace Arguello, Elizabeth Colombe, Aidon Griffin from South Park

-Kailynn Dukat, Aya Kuoiwa, Sophia Lunn, Matilda Sundquist, Gabrielle Fahrenwald, Megan Nelson, Laramie Nutter, Evie Monroe, Caleb Van Vlett from Valley View

-Matthew Stagner, Tauni Lewton, Hannah Ireland, Evangeline Bertelson, Dakota Allmer from Wilson

-Mason McIntosh, Sterling McIntire, Benji Chlebek, Claire Williams, Bryton Jager, Lucy Daniel, Amaia McIntire, Emerson Hofer from Corral Drive

-William Nebelsick, Victoria Cannon, Elaine, Reiter, Mia Sirignano, Nia Swanson, Paxton Fisher, Gianna Hower, Rex Johnson, Brendan Lyons, Fate Neal from Meadowbrook
-Charlotte Grey, Tambree Byron, Veda Scull, Whitli Adams, Chloe Fredrick, Justus Bear Runner, Cordelia Grey, Emory Meyer Loewen, Lael Sutton from South Canyon

-Timothy Donat, Sage Beutler, Braelynn Malsbury, Madisen Crowe, Mackenzie Culbertson, Elexes Petersen from Rapid Valley

The Schools that moved on to the 2nd round and received trophies include:
-3rd and 4th Grade Teams from South Canyon, Corral Drive, Robbinsdale, Meadowbrook, Pinedale, South Park

-5th Grade Teams from Grandview, Valley View, Meadowbrook, South Canyon, Corral Drive