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ICT 1 – 0.5 Credits

ICT 1 – Assignment List ICT 1 – Grade Checklist

Access – Chapter 1

Access – Chapter 2

Excel – Chapter 1

Excel – Chapter 2

Excel – Chapter 3

Customer Data Bavant Publishing ch2 BASE FILE Apply 1-1 Treagle Market Apply 2-1 Briteeny Taxi Lab 3-2 Into the Woods Weekly Payroll Report
Lab 1-1 Client Data Dartt Offsite Services ch2 BASE FILE Excel ch1 Module Test Excel ch2 Module Test Excel ch3 Module Test
Lab 1-1 Dartt Offsite Services Access ch2 Module Test
Lab 1-2 Item Data
Lab 1-2 Supplier Data
Access ch1 Module Test

PowerPoint – Chapter 1

PowerPoint – Chapter 2

Word – Chapter 1

Word – Chapter 2

Word – Chapter 3

Apply 1-1 Effective Writing Advertising Apply 1-1 County Park Flyer Unformatted Word ch2 Module Test books
bird bath Apple Pie Slice Mountain Trail Extend 3-1 Sponsor Letter Draft
drinking water Apple Pie Puppy green swirls
face protection Apples Squirrel wildcats
file folders Bake Sale Waterpark image 1 Word ch3 Module Test
files Bow and Arrow waterpark image 2
lady with papers Business Project Plan Word ch1 Module Test
Large safe Call Center
men exercises hydration Colorful nature presentation
mosquito Cooks
petri dish Customer
records book Delivery
shredding paper Emergency Collage
small safe Extend 2-1 Field Archery
water bottle Fire Truck
women bottled water 1 First Aid Kit
women bottled water 2 Ingredients
women with headache Ladder
world PowerPoint ch2 Module Test
PowerPoint ch1 Module Test

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ICT 2 – 0.5 Credits

ICT 2 – Assignment List ICT 2 – Grade Checklist

Access – Chapter 4

Access – Chapter 5

Excel – Chapter 4

Excel – Chapter 5

Excel – Chapter 6

Bavant Publishing ch 4 BASE FILE Bavant Publishing ch5 BASE Apply 4-1 Loan Payment Calculator Lab 5-1 Overlea Schools Coastal Realty Agent Commissions
Lab 1 Backup Services ch4 BASE FILE Jake Scott Excel ch4 Module Test Lab 5-2 Commission Annual Lab 6-1 City Market
Lab 2 Sports Logo ch4 BASE FILE Jenna Kelly-Williamson Lab 5-2 Commission Quarter 1 Lab 6-2 Sales Rep Table
Access ch4 Module Test Lab 5-1 Backup Services ch5 BASE Lab 5-2 Commission Quarter 2 Excel ch6 Module Test
Matt Martinez Lab 5-2 Commission Quarter 3
Melina Liu Lab 5-2 Commission Quarter 4
Melina Perez Customers Excel ch5 Module Test
Robert Chin Potential Customers
Access ch5 Module Test

PowerPoint – Chapter 4

PowerPoint – Chapter 6

Word – Chapter 4

Word – Chapter 5

Word – Chapter 6

Air Temperature Additional Motivation drum notes Basic Resume – Timeless Design Apply 6-1 Fund-Raising Letter Draft
Binoculars Aerobics Extend 4-1 Dog Training Classes Draft Resume scales of justice
Birdhouse Bench guitar notes Word ch5 Module Test Timeless letter
Birding Closet music notes Word ch6 Module Test
Cardinal Cycling Paw Prints
Cell Phone Dumbbells Paw Ridge Draft
Email Equipment Piano notes
Extend 4-1 Airplanes Exercise Outline trumpet notes
Feeder1 Extend 6-1 Exercise voice notes
Feeder2 Floor Word ch4 Module Test
GPS Journal
Humidity Kitchen Cabinets
Lab 4-1 Wind Chill Lab 6-1 Ladybugs
Lab 4-2 Satellites Lab 6-2 Powell Wood Workshops
Robin Lab 6-2 Workshop Attendees
Satellite1 Ladybug1
Satellite2 Ladybug2
Satellite3 Patio
Seeds Sauna
Television Saw
Warm Clothes Saw1
Weather Swim
Windy Table1
Woodpecker Table2
PowerPoint ch4 Module Test Table3
Workout Journal
PowerPoint ch6 Module Test

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