Academy of Human Services & Education

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The Academy of Human Services & Education is designed to expose students to a wide range of careers and opportunities in the human and community services industries.


The Education as a Profession pathway will build the foundational skills and knowledge for aspiring educators. Students will develop teaching strategies and classroom management skills, learn components of successful instruction and assessment, and engage in work-based learning activities.

Human Serv and Ed (1)The Public Service pathway will allow students to explore career opportunities in the areas of public safety, law, and government & public policy. Students will build foundational communication skills, effective teamwork, and situational awareness to be prepared for careers in civil service.

The Social & Mental Health Services pathway will expose students to knowledge and experiences in understanding human development and behavior. Students in this pathway will cultivate interests in careers related to individual, group, and family counseling & social services.

The Life & Workplace Readiness pathway will allow students with moderate to significant cognitive disabilities on an active Individual Education Plan (IEP) the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in the areas of social skill development, independent & community living, communication, and workplace readiness. Students in this pathway will, to the maximum extent possible, participate in all general academy and pathway activities and events.


Academy Coursework

Students selecting the Elevate Rapid City Academy of Business, Entrepreneurship, & Hospitality will have access to course options that are selected and organized around a career theme and offered in a planned sequence of courses that moved from general knowledge to deeper skills. These courses meet the required RCAS Academies credits required for the graduating class of 2024 and beyond.

Academy Stack 22222222222Capstone or Pathway Specialized Course Options

  • Job Shadow and Youth Internship
  • Service Learning

Pathway Foundational Course Options

  • Business Law
  • Education as a Profession
  • Human Development: Prenatal to Toddlers
  • Human Development: Preschool to School-age
  • CJUS 201: Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • JROTC I, II, III, & IV

Introduction to Human Services & Education


In addition to required coursework, students in this academy are encouraged to select supporting coursework and electives that will not only enhance their high school experience, but directly align to college and career opportunities.


Language Arts Elective

  • AP or Dual Credit

World Language

Social Studies Elective

  • Native American Heritage
  • Psychology (Regular, AP, or Dual Credit)
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • AP US Government
  • AP US History


Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)

CTSOs enhance student learning through contextual instruction, leadership and personal development, applied learning, and real-world application. For a complete listing of RCAS CTSOs, click here.

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The Academy of Human Services & Education supports Educators Rising. Educators Rising is a national membership organization for aspiring teachers and their mentors.



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The purpose of the RCAS Academies is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills they need to explore career options in high school as well as build strong connections to employers, institutions of higher education, and community-based organizations.

This approach will help students develop a plan that leads graduates to a successful transition beyond high school including postsecondary education and training, careers, and life responsibilities.


21st Century Skills icon

21st Century Skills

The RCAS Academies will prepare students to graduate with the necessary skills and competencies that support the RCAS Profile of a Graduate.


Certifications icon


Each academy will offer students the opportunity to earn a nationally-recognized industry certification.

Earning College Credit icon

Earning College Credit

All academies will allow students the opportunity to earn college credit aligned their selected pathway.

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Business and community partnerships are an integral piece of the RCAS Academies model.

There are currently more than 215 partners working with our students grades K-12 in career-connected learning opportunities.

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Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning allows students to learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects.


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Work-based Learning

Job Shadow, Internship, and Service Learning opportunities allow students to make real-world connections to the content they are learning.

Graduation Requirements

As part of the RCAS Academies, every RCAS high school student will take a one-semester Freshman Seminar course. This course will provide students’ important skills for high school, future workplace success, and introduce them to the RCAS Academies. Each student will take an Academy Introductory Course in one of the six academies housed at our two comprehensive high schools. This course is designed to guide exploration of their chosen academy and help students to select a pathway to enter in 11th grade. To learn more about the graduation requirements for the graduating class of 2024 and beyond, click here.


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