Teaching & Leading

Develop and inspire a culture for learning through innovative teaching and leadership.

Increasing instructional quality, reducing variability, and aligning curriculum within RCAS are the cornerstones for providing 21st Century Learning opportunities for all students.  Teachers are the most effective when supported by skilled leaders focused on assuring that all students receive high quality instruction that is aligned within and between schools.  Moving forward, RCAS teachers and leaders will work collaboratively to build and strengthen a culture of innovation for increased technology integration and competence-for students and staff.  Collaborative efforts will be guided by research-based, proven, and embedded professional development.  Leadership exists at multiple levels within schools, and opportunities to cultivate and share leadership will expand to strengthen teams as they share in the responsibility and accountability for students academic growth and assuring positive school climates.


Our Priorities

  • Culture that fosters innovation, risk-taking, and continuous improvement.
  • Professional development for leaders, staff, and School board focused on research-based practices that positively impact student learning.
  • Accountability process to support evidence-based best practices and results
  • Strong teams through shared governance and shared leadership
  • Positive school climate
  • Technology competence for successful use and integration