College, Career and Life Readiness

Expand opportunitiesĀ for College and Career exploration and enrichment for all students.

Preparing students for success beyond high school graduation is one of the most important roles of RCAS. College, Career, and Life Ready is an umbrella term for education and workforce development programs and pathway initiatives which ensure high school graduates have the academic, employability, and technical skills necessary to be prepared for the full range of postsecondary opportunities. The focus in RCAS is to prepare students for both college and career, rather than one or the other.


College, Career, and Life Readiness is a progression of knowledge and skills leading to credentials, certifications, and/or college-whether that is a one-year, two-year, and/or four-year degree program.


Our Priorities

  • Graduation expectations aligned with higher education and workforce development needs
  • College and career ready culture of high expectations and equitable exposure to rigorous programming and supports
  • Multiple pathways and opportunities for all students