The Rapid City Area School District offers Summer School opportunities for all Middle and High School Rapid City residents.

For questions please contact one of the following:

Middle School Summer School program: – the Educational Services Office at 605-394-5147

High School Summer School program: – the Educational Services Office at 605-394-5147

CLOSED Campus – FREE Breakfast & Lunch

Student Expectations

As a student in the Rapid City Area Schools Summer School Program, you are expected to abide by the following:

· RCAS district policies apply in summer school just as they do during the school year.

· Teachers will also have individual classroom expectations.

· Failure to follow these expectations will result in disciplinary action as set forth by the districts’ discipline matrix.

Who May Enroll

· Classes are open to all students grades K-12 who are residents of the Rapid City Area School District.

· Non-resident, private or parochial school students are also welcome to enroll in RCAS Summer School.

Grade Level

· The grade level just completed May 2019 is the grade level to use when registering for classes.

· Students completing 8th grade requirements may enroll in 9th grade classes to receive up to 1 high school credit during summer school.

· Special Education staff are not available to provide IEP services.

Middle School and High School Attendance Policy

· Students must successfully complete the required work and not miss more than two (2) days of summer school per term excused or unexcused (four total days for six weeks).

· Three (3) tardies constitutes an absence.

· Please call Central High School at 394-4075 between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. to report absences for summer school.

Middle School and High School Tuition/Refunds

The Rapid City Area School District’s Summer School Program is self-supporting through tuition fees.

· All fees are due at the time of registration. Cash, check or money orders are accepted forms of payment.

· NO POST DATED CHECKS will be accepted.

· Credit cards are not accepted.

· If a minimum enrollment (12 students) is not met in a class, you will be notified and your tuition fee will be refunded.

· Refunds are not available after 1st day of summer school.

· Please Note: With refunds, a $5.00 administration fee will not be refundable. This does not include canceled classes.

· Rapid City Area students may apply for the Gwendolyn Stearns scholarship upon request at time of registration.  Outside districts do not qualify for Gwendolyn Stearns scholarships.