Wise 2018 2019

What is WISE?
WISE stands for Working to Initiate Societal Equality. The Stevens High School WISE club works to benefit under-recognized members of society. We do what we can to establish equality in our community and are a safe place for all people of all backgrounds.

How can students see what you are doing?
SHS – Our Instagram username is @wise.club.shs

How can a student get involved?
A student can get involved in a couple of ways. They can ask Profa Giffin for more information or if they would like to join the WISE GroupMe they can DM the WISE Instagram to ask to be added to it. This is where students will receive reminders and/or information about what we are doing in WISE club.

When do you meet?
SHS – This year, we are meeting every Friday at 10:15 a.m. via zoom. Students can get the meeting ID and passcode from the GroupMe.

Advisor Name and contact:
SHS – Profa Angela Griffin, angela.giffin@k12.sd.us