What is K’Pow?
K’Pow was founded to be a positive, motivational influence for its members and Central High School. Its members share a common bond in wanting the best for everyone with whom they have contact regardless of their background or their future. K’Pow’s acronym stands for ‘K, Positive or What? – it is designed to attract attention and to promote the impact the group wishes to have on those with whom they associate.

How can students see what you are doing?
CHS – Contact Advisor for more information.

How can a student get involved?
Students can be involved by attending our meetings.

When do you meet?
CHS – 30-minute meetings which are each Monday at 3:30 pm.

Advisor Name and contact:

CHS Advisor:  Mr. Barry Gates, barry.gates@k12.sd.us or 605-394-4023