What is JROTC?
The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to become better citizens. Our Cadets engage in service and project-based learning to solve real problems and make our community a better place.

How can students see what you are doing?
Visit our Facebook page.

How can a student get involved?
Involvement in the program occurs through enrolling in the course. Though CHS is our host school, we accept students from magnet schools. Stevens HS and Rapid City High are our largest magnets, but we can accept students in the 9th grade or higher from any other accredited educational activity including homeschooled students.

When do you meet?
Contact Advisor for meeting dates.

Advisor Name and contact
1SG Ryan Wheele, ryan.wheele@k12.sd.us, Office: 605-394-4001 (EXT 257)


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