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Dual Enrollment

According to South Dakota Codified Law 13-28-37, any student in grades nine (9), ten (10), eleven (11), or twelve (12) may apply to a postsecondary institution (college, technical school) as a special, dual enrolled student if he/she has not yet met graduation requirements.

College/Technical Dual Enrollment Information

Approved Career and Technical Education Courses

Dual Enrollment Application Process for South Dakota Universities

Dual Enrollment Common Application for South Dakota Technical Colleges


What’s Unique About Dual Enrollment with WDT?

Dual Enrollment allows high school students to enroll in courses at Western Dakota Tech and earn high school and WDT credit. All courses are free for Rapid City School District students. Completing Dual Enrollment credits makes it faster and less expensive to earn a WDT diploma or degree. WDT also offers some courses that can be transferred to any South Dakota public university.

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Admission Process and General Information

RCAS College/Technical Institute Coursework Dual Credit Application Form

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Or complete the Dual Enrollment Common Application for South Dakota Technical Colleges

Where Do I Find Assistance in Developing My Educational Career Plan?

SDMyLife is a career development program that assists students with navigating the career development process. With the support of teachers, counselors, and parents, SDMyLife’s goal is to help students better understand themselves and how their interest, skills, and knowledge relate to real-world academic and career opportunities. South Dakota students use SDMyLife to research, select, and plan their careers.