Congratulations You’ve Been Accepted and Chosen Your College!

What’s Next?

1. Accept Your School (Notify other institutions)

Inform all institutions you have received acceptance letters from of your decision. This includes sending notice to the schools you will not be attending, this frees up places for other students.

2. Keep Up the Hard Work

Don’t let Senioritis hurt your future plans. A college will want to see your final transcripts and this will include your senior year grades. Don’t let your college acceptance be jeopardize, keep up the hard work!

3. Complete Institutional Paperwork

Ensure you submit all required paperwork on time. This could include your acceptance letter, a deposit, financial aid application, new student orientation, college housing, etc.

4. Connect with Your School

Join social media groups, sign up for newsletters, find ways to learn about activities, clubs and events that occur on campus.

5. Attend Freshman Orientation

During your orientation, you should select your classes, be assigned your dorm, and receive your student ID. Take this opportunity to sign up for a club or social group.

6. Contact Your Roommate

If you will be living in the dorms with a roommate, you may reach out and get to know your future roommate and make plans for who will bring what for your dorm room.

7. Set Your Academic Goals

Setting academic goals prior to beginning classes can help you stay focused and motivated. It will also help you prepare for how much study time you will need, what future courses you should take and any additional extracurricular activities or groups you should join.

8. Enjoy Yourself

The last months of senior year and the summer before college will go by quickly. Take the time to enjoy your friends, family and school before you move on to the next step of your life.



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