Posting Guidelines

Rapid City Area Schools will apply the following standards for approval of non-school materials.

Requests for distribution of non-school materials or promotion/endorsement on non-school activities are referred to the Office of Educational Services for action. Requests are not handled at the building level.

Requests meeting the following criteria may be included in the Digital Backpack

  1. The organization/sponsor is physically located within the school district or surrounding area.
  2. The materials/activity are acceptable in tone, grammar, decency, and content for classroom use at the targeted age or for distribution to staff.
  3. The materials/activity promotes wellness, exercise, scholarship, leadership, or other objectives normally a part of the school curriculum, are in direct relationship to school instruction, or further the mission of the District.
  4. If a fee is charged or funds raised, the sponsor must be a valid non-profit organization.
  5. The sponsor/organization must provide fee assistance or scholarships to needy participants and must include this information on the materials.

Guidelines for Approval:

  • A copy of the publication or material must be uploaded to the Digital Backpack for review.
  • All materials must be submitted for review at least 5 school days in advance of distribution.
  • All materials must contain the following disclaimer: This is a non-school material that is neither endorsed nor necessarily reflective of the views of Rapid City Area Schools.