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Preparing students for success beyond high school graduation is one of the most important roles of RCAS. College, Career, and Life Ready is an umbrella term for education and workforce development programs and pathway initiatives which ensure high school graduates have the academic, employability, and technical skills necessary to be prepared for the full range of postsecondary opportunities. The focus in RCAS is to prepare students for both college and career, rather than one or the other.

What is College, Career and Life Readiness?


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A progression of knowledge and skills leading to credentials, certificates, and/or college– whether that is a one-year, two-year and/or four year degree program.

  • COLLEGE is an educational training opportunity beyond high school.
  • COLLEGE Ready:  Students meet academic indicators, standardized test benchmarks, and complete credit-bearing general education courses or a certificate program without remediation.
  • CAREER Ready:  Students have explored and identified a career interest and possesses sufficient foundational knowledge, skill and general learning strategies necessary to begin studies in a career pathway
  • LIFE Ready:  Students leave high school with grit and perseverance to achieve their goals, as well as possess growth mindset that empowers them to approach their future with confidence.

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College and Career Readiness Services

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Career & Technical Education (CTE)
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Melissa Miller Kincart
Director of Strategic Partnership & CCR