SECTION K: School-Community Relations

Section K of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations, and exhibits on parent and community involvement in schools. Except for policies concerning education agencies, statements on public sector relations with the school district also are located in this section.

Policy Procedure Exhibit Description Adopted/Reviewed
KA School and Community Relations Goal 07/11/16
KB School and Community Relations 07/11/16
KBA Public Information Program n/a
KDD KDD-P Media Relations 06/06/13


Community Use of School Facilities 05/29/18
KH Public Gifts to the Schools 10/26/15
KI Public Solicitations in Schools 07/11/16
KIA KIA-E Distribution and Posting of Promotional Materials 03/08/21
KJ Advertising in Schools 05/29/18
KK Visitors in the Schools 08/24/20
KL Public Complaints 07/09/18
KLE KLE-P Complaint Policy for Federal Programs n/a
KMB Title I Parent and Family Engagement Involvement 07/11/16
KMI Relations with Political Organizations 05/23/16
KNA Relations with Local Government Authorities n/a
KNAJ Relations with Police Authorities 05/06/10