SECTION B: School Board Governance and Operations

Section B of the NEPN/NSBA classification system contains policies, regulations,and exhibits on the school board – how it is appointed or elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings, and how the board operates.  This section includes bylaws and policies establishing the board’s internal operating procedures.

Policy Procedure Exhibit Description Reviewed/Revised
BA Board Operational Goals 02/22/16
BBAA Board Member Authority 02/22/16
BBB BBB-P School Board Elections 04/25/16
BBG School Attorney 02/22/16
BCA School Board Member Ethics 02/22/16
BCEA Board Liaisons 02/22/16
BDA Electronic Communications by Board Members 10/01/13
BDAA Communications to the Board 04/25/16
BDB School Board Officers 02/22/16
BDC Appointed Board Officials 04/25/16
BDD Board – Superintendent Relationship 02/22/16
BDE Board Committees 02/22/16
BDF Advisory Committees to the Board 02/22/16
BED Board Meeting Procedures 04/25/16
BEDF Voting Method 04/25/16
BEDH BEDH-P BEDH-E Public Participation at Board meetings 04/25/16
BEDI News Media Services at Board Meetings 04/25/16
BG Board Policy Development 02/22/16
BGA Preliminary Development of Policies 04/25/16
BGB Policy Adoption 04/25/16
BGC Policy Review and Evaluation 04/25/16
BGD Board Review of Administrative Procedures 04/25/16
BGF Suspension of Policies 02/22/16
BIA New Board Member Orientation 04/25/16
BIAA Board Candidate Orientation 02/22/16
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities 02/22/16
BIBA School Board Conferences, Conventions, Workshops 02/22/16
BID BID-E Board Member Compensation and Expenses 04/25/16
BJ School Legislative Program 02/22/16
BK School Board Memberships 02/22/16