What We Do
Work Force Development

Workforce Development is a program geared toward our 19-21 year old students. If a student’s IEP specifies a need, students who have vocational services or might encounter significant challenges in their quest for suitable adult-oriented training, may receive enhanced transition services between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one.

Students receiving these services typically:
· Have completed most of their academic secondary education
· Are ready to concentrate on vocational training and/or placement Special education staff helps students and their families access services in the community that will better assure them of a reasonable quality of life as a young adult.
· These services are available only to students who have participated in a graduation ceremony at their home school.

Workforce Development Contacts
Name Title Email
Lillie Pendleton K-12 Special Education Email Lillie
Kaitlyn Wald K-12 Special Education Email Kaitlyn
Marian Alexander Paraprofessional Email Marian
Carrie Lange ParaPro (Sped) Email Carrie
Heather Steinback ParaPro (Sped) Email Heather
Karen Wechsler ParaPro (Sped) Email Karen