RCAS unveils RCAS Academies Sponsors

This year, as part of the Rapid City Area Schools Pathways Approach (RCPA), the District officially launched the RCAS Academies & Pathways. The goal of the academy model is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills they need to explore career options in high school.

Earlier this month, the Rapid City Area Schools announced that sponsors have been secured for each of the RCAS academies.

Each sponsor has committed to giving the District funds on an annual basis for the next five years to support the Rapid City Academies.

The Academies are as follows:

  • Elevate Rapid City Academy of Business, Entrepreneurship, & Hospitality
  • Midco Academy of Computer Arts & Sciences
  • Scull Construction Academy of Construction & Technical Trades
  • Monument Health Academy of Health Services
  • Academy of Human Services & Education, Funding provided by Community Based Partners
  • RAMA Academy of Science & Engineering, In Memory of Vijaya Ramakrishnan

The sponsorship funds may be used in the following ways:

Student Support

  • Career & Technical Student Organization
  • Industry Certifications
  • Student Ambassador Program
  • Dual Credit Scholarships
  • Learning Tours (transportation)

Teacher Support

  • Teacher Externships (stipends)
  • Professional Learning and/or Certifications
  • Learning tours and professional development (substitute pay)

Instruction Support

  • Certification for Teachers (testing and supplies)
  • Industry Standard Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Flexible Workspace Furniture

Program Support

  • Outreach materials and signage (design and printing)

The Rapid City Pathways Approach (RCPA) is the effort underway (launched in 2018) to bring career pathways into RCAS schools, as well as build strong connections to employers, institutions of higher education, and community-based organizations.

This approach will help students develop a plan that leads graduates to a successful transition beyond high school including postsecondary education and training, careers, and life responsibilities.

The RCPA entails three areas of work:

1.Building strong connections with employers, institutions of higher education, community-based organizations, and families;

2.Creating a K-12 approach to career awareness and exploration;

3.Enhancing our course offerings by developing pathways programs for our students.

To learn more, go to RCAS Academies & Pathways – Rapid City Area Schools