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SDSM&T students teach middle schoolers about engineering fields

A group of SDSM&T students received grant dollars to teach middle school students about the various types of engineering fields and the opportunities associated with each.  Each Wednesday, the group works with students in the 8th grade Career Exploration class at North Middle School. The first week, SDSM&T students taught the middle schoolers about mining. Students mined chocolate chips out of a cookie. They were paid for each mined chocolate chip and were rewarded for the cookie that was the least damaged. Students received a safety bonus if they did not break their mining equipment (a toothpick and a paper clip). The second session focused on chemical engineering, including chemistry and biology. SDSM&T students arrived with blenders, fruit, soap and rubbing alcohol. The 8th graders were divided into groups and participated in DNA testing of the two fruits. The third session exposed students to environmental engineering, civil engineering, and physics. The students created spaghetti and marshmallow structures as well as catapults and figured out a trajectory to shoot ping pong balls into a bucket. The final sessions are on electrical engineering, computers and technology. For the activity associated with this field, SDSM&T students will bring small robots, robotic arms and virtual reality items. Mrs. Leatha Roland’s Career Exploration students are thankful that the School of Mines & Technology students and professors shared their knowledge and time!
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Educating the Whole CHILD

A team of district leaders, under the leadership of Dr. Robin Gillespie, Director of Federal Programs and Grants, has developed a Rapid City Areas Schools initiative to educate the Whole CHILD. This initiative includes supports to meet the social, ...
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CHS theater teacher earns prestigious recognition

Central High School theater teacher Justin Speck is one of two South Dakota teachers being honored by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). At the State One Act Festival last weekend, he accepted his Outstanding ...
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RCAS Shoutout

RCAS school psychologist earns esteemed credential

We want to congratulate RCAS school psychologist Alyssa Marquardt. She recently earned her Nationally Certified School Psychologist credential. It is the only professional credential acknowledging school psychologists who meet rigorous nationally recognized standards. School psychologists who hold this ...
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First-grade students attend book launch event

First-grade students from across the district attended a book launch event for the book Porter the Hoarder at Central High School’s theatre in early February. The Porter the Hoarder book series is a sequence of look-and-find books written ...
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See STEAM2 Pilots in Action

Learn more about what STEAM2 looks like in action by watching this video! Saving the World Through Science, From Garden to Table, Theatrical Special FX, Robotics Into Orbit – these are just a few of the new courses ...
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